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Terms and Conditions for the use of informatics services offered through

The following Terms and Conditions (from here on "Terms and Conditions") apply to the use of all the information services (from here on “Information services”), identified and described in art. 1, offered by Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A., with headquarters in Rome, Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 51 (from here on "Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A.'' or "Eni"), the society that is the owner of the internet portal that can be found at the URL (from here on “Web Site”).

  1. Identification of the Information Services offered

    The information services offered through the web site are identified as follows:
    1. Description of the Commercial Payment Cards and Fuel Vouchers;
    2. Description of the products that can be purchased using commercial payment cards;
    3. Customer contact and assistance modalities;
    4. Station finder and Route planner (find the station close to you and plan your route);
    5. Routex consortium description (link to dedicated site);
    6. News for customer information;
    7. Contact form and the possibility to download commercial information brochures;
    8. Access to reserved area “MyMulticard” for customers that have the access credentials.

  2. Modality of Information services supply

    Even though the use of the Services does not imply the payment of any fee to Eni, the user accepts as follows:
    1. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. can suspend or permanently interrupt the supply of the services, either fully or partially;
    2. The use of the services is at the customer’s own risk and commitment;
    3. The services are provided to the customer without a payment of a fee, as is and without a promise or guarantee of validity, precision of contents or service continuity;
    4. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. does not offer any guarantee that the services offered do coincide with the requisites as required by the customer, or that they are being uninterrupted, convenient, secure or free of errors;
    5. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. does not offer any guarantee as to the results expected, hoped for or actually obtained from the services;
    6. The information services as issued by eni do not include those regarding telecommunication (implying that the latter include data transmission services for package switching); the acquisition of the above mentioned telecommunication services is to be done independently by the customer himself;
    7. The information services may not be supported by some of the browsers/operation systems or some versions thereof available, and it is the task and duty of the customer himself to find the correct combination of soft- and hardware that allows an appropriate use of the services.

  3. Access to reserved area MyMulticard

    In order to use the services offered through the MyMulticard reserved area it is necessary for the customer to register, accessing the access form from the homepage of the multicard website. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. asks the customer some personal data. The treatment of these data will take place according to the Privacy statement that can be found in the footer of the website. After inserting the requested data (name, surname, e-mail, phone number), the customer will have to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions of the site and declare at the same time to have acknowledged the Privacy Policy of the site. Once the button “register” is clicked, the registration for the reserved area is completed. The customer will receive an email including the process confirmation and the access credentials (username and password). The password and the identification (username) are personal and not transferrable. The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of the password and username.

  4. Personal customer identification and security; Disclaimer

    The customer is obliged to use his user identification and/or password in an authorized way and to not violate security. The customer accepts exclusive responsibility for each and any of his activity regarding the access to MyMulticard reserved area and is required to disclaim and keep Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. out of any claim of responsibility, pretention or threat in regard to or arising from the use or misuse of his credentials.

  5. Intellectual and industrial ownership rights with regard to the web site and the information services offered

    The customer acknowledges explicitly that all the intellectual ownership rights, such as (but not limited to) know-how, source code, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, industrial secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and such, connected to the services, data and other materials coming from Eni and from this website, or that however have been offered for use to the customer by eni with regards to the “General Terms and Conditions” remain exclusively owned by eni and that the customer does not obtain any right apart from those of viewing and consulting with regards to the “General Terms and Conditions”.

    The data bases that the services may be based upon (from here on “Data Bases”) as well as the contents of the website are protected by the Author rights as per law n. 633 from 22nd of April 1941 that has been modified by the administrative order nr. 160 from 6th May 1999 (from here on “Law of Author rights”). e The data bases are part of significant investments by eni and are hence part of the protection as stated by art. 102 bis and 102 ter of the Author Rights law. Compliant to the abovementioned protection, the only use of the data bases by the customer is the one stated in the Author Rights Law and approved through the present “General Terms and Conditions”. In no case the data available on the website can be extracted or re-employed totally or partially.

  6. Ban of reselling or commercial use of the Information Services offered

    The right of the user to use the Services is personal and not transferrable. The customer can consult the website only as a physical person for personal use only and in any way not for profit or any other economic benefit. It is prohibited for the user to insert in intellectual property any content extracted with the use of the services.

    The customer is banned from reproducing, publishing, distributing, creating a database from, translating, adopting, duplicating, copying, selling, framing, deep linking, reselling or however using for commercial means or any means of profit the services offered in any of their part, neither what has been extracted from the databases, nor the access or use of the services.

  7. Link

    Eni can supply links to other websites or internet resources. The customer acknowledges that Eni does not have any control on the content of these sites and as a third party does not have any responsibility for the content and/or material, also advertisement, published on these sites as well as on external resources or for goods/services offered there. These goods or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. and therefore the customer takes on the responsibility for the purchases of the abovementioned goods or services.

  8. Limitation of responsibility

    Considering that the services are issued for free, Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. declines any responsibility for any claims that may arrive from the customer regarding the possibility that the services may not be sued for whatever reason. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. does not take on responsibility for damages, claims or losses, both director indirect, that the customer may experience due to non- or malfunctioning of the electronic appliances, both his own and of third parties, including the providers of internet services, telephonic and/or telematics lines that are not directly managed by Eni or by persons who eni is liable for. Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. cannot be accused neither of non-fulfillment of own obligations nor held responsible for the following damages:
    1. ) ensuing from the lack of services due to incorrect or missing functionality of the electronic means of communication due to causes that are out of predictable control, such as fire, natural disasters, energy blackout, unavailability of telephone lines or other network suppliers, malfunctioning of calculators and other electronic devices, even those that are not part of the internet network, malfunctioning of software programs installed by the user;
    2. ensuing from actions of other users or other persons that have access to internet.

  9. Legitimate use and disclaimer

    The customer commits to use the information services only for legitimate purposes that are permitted by the current law applicable, by the uses and habits, by the rules of due diligence, in any case without damaging the rights of third parties, both users of means of communication and not, taking special care regarding the data protection norms, intellectual and industrial property laws, personal data protection laws, as well as current regulations regarding informatics crime and telecommunications.


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