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If you have a VAT number and are using your car or van for work, with multicard easy everything is more easy.

If you have up to three cars or vans, multicard easy is the right commercial payment card for your necessities: it can be used in all of the 4300 eni stations in Italy, situated in every province, most of which active 24/7.
It's easy to use every time you need it, cashless and without any additional fees. You can fuel up, wash your car, check and change the lubricants. You will have only one monthly invoice that will state the details of your purchases. To simplify your work and that of your tax advisor.

Request Multicard Easy online

Did you know that ordering our cards is really easy? Register with MyMulticard and fill in the card request form. Moreover, there is an additional advantage when ordering Multicard Easy: you can complete the contract directly online and have your cards (up to a maximum of 3) shipped directly to your premises.

To proceed to request a Multicard Easy you need the following documents:

  • Identity document of the Legal Representative of the Company
  • Budget (if Company) or Modello Unico (if Self Employed)
  • Companies Register incorporation Certificate or attribution
    VAT number (if not registered at Chamber of Commerce)
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership certificate (non- mandatory)
Request your card

For those who use car or van for working

For whom is this offer

Why request multicard Easy

Payment convenience

Purchase security

Convenience and savings

Continuous assistance

Multicard easy is the new commercial payment card, dedicated to those who have a VAT number and have up to a maximum of 3 vehicles, in particular:



Taxi drivers

Commercial agents

Companies with small fleets of cars and/or vans

For cashless purchase of fuel, lubricants, car wash and other vehicle-related services at eni Service Stations that can be found in all italian provinces.

You will pay once a month with a 20 days payment delay: you will receive a monthly invoice issued by Eni, that will contain both the details of each transaction and a summary of all purchases done, grouped in cathegories, with VAT and VAT base stated; all these documents will be available in pdf format. You can download them from MyMulticard for free, ready to be delivered to your tax adviser.

All the transactions are real-time authorized by our Authroization Centre and need the PIN be input correctly by the card owner in order to be processed. You can receive on demand an alert via email or sms when a pre-set expense limit has been exceeded (€50).

Signing up for multicard easy doesn't cost much (€ 20 per year) and offers you additional advantage: a personalized discount on refueling.

Multicard Service Centre is a unique assistance point for multicard customers; it's active 24/7 calling 800.79.79.79 to block lost or stolen cards and reactivate the PIN after three wrong inputs. (email: blocco.cartemulticard@eni.com).
If you are already registered with MyMulticard, in order to block a card or reactivate the PIN Number you can access Reserved Area and do it yourself in real time. For general information or any operational necessity please contact (Mo/Fr 8-18), send a fax to 06/59887385 or write an email to centroservizi.multicard@eni.com.

Help and FAQ

Do you need help?

Check out our FAQ to
find immediate replies.
Otherwise call our
Multicard Service Centre.
Card blocking

Card blocking and PIN reactivation

If you are already a registered customer, you can access to MyMulticards (24/7) reserved area and block your lost or stolen card in real time, or reactive PIN after 3 wrong inputs
Access to MyMulticard

If you don't have access credentials to MyMulticard you can call the Service Number active 24/7

or write an email to:
To call from abroad the number is:
0039 02 520 55139
Service Centre

Multicard Service Centre

For general information and to request multicard, multicard easy and truckpass 24 (Mo/Fr 8-18)
Request card
Fax: +39 (06) 59.88.7385
Email: centroservizi.multicard@eni.com
The maximum cost of the call from land line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
The maximum cost of the call from mobile line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
For information about Electronic Fuel Vouchers please call 800 97 96 97
(Mo/Fr 8-18)
Fuel Vouchers
Agencies Network

Discover our commercial network

The customer is in the middle of our engagement thanks to an exclusive dedicated commercial network

North West Agency

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SEI Nord Ovest S.r.l.

Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria and Lombardia (excluded the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Mantova, Cremona)

tel: 02 91434700

North East Agency

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SEI Nord Est S.r.l.

Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardia (only for provinces of Bergamo and Brescia)

tel: 0444 566488

Central North Agency

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Multi3 S.r.l.

Emilia Romagna, Toscana, Marche (excluded the provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno) and Lombardia (only for provinces of Mantova and Cremona)

tel: 051 704232

Central Agency

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AGP S.r.l.

Lazio, Umbria, Abruzzo, Molise, Sardegna and Marche (only for provinces of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno).

tel: 06 50780283

Central South Agency

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SE.I.I SUD S.r.l.

Campagna, Basilicata and Puglia

tel: 0832 300230

South Agency

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Calabria and Sicilia

tel: 095 371402