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Card blocking

Block card

To block your Multicards in real time you can access the MyMulticard reserved area by entering your credentials.

If you use the Multicard through the Eni Live App you can block it directly from the App.
Yon can use the App even if you have a physical Multicard, after activating the Digital Services in the MyMulticard area, for each card and each user.

MyMulticard Login

If you are not registered yet or do not have access credentials, you can call the freephone number,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


You will then be asked to send a confirmation email to:


Multicard Service Centre

For general information and to request your Multicard, Multicard Easy and Truckpass24 (Mon/Fri 8-18).
Phone: 089-5907-470
Email: cardservice@agip.de
To request a card
directly on-line
The maximum cost of the call from land line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
The maximum cost of the call from mobile line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
For information about Electronic Fuel Vouchers please call 089-5907-470
(Mon/Thu 08:00 - 16:45)
Electronic Fuel Vouchers


Our versatile Agip prepaid card!

The Agip Prepaid Cards are vouchers available with a value of 10/25/44/50/100 Euro * , which can be used at all Agip / Eni service stations for refueling, car wash, as well as shopping (See below for exceptions).

Further, we offer the Agip Prepaid Card Business with a credit of 44 euros for business customers, which can be used at all Agip / Eni service stations (See below for exceptions).

The minimum order is € 440 (e.g. 10 cards at € 44 or less cards with a higher top-up value per card). If you want to grant your employees a monetary benefit on a permanent basis, we offer of a monthly reloadable prepaid card.

For further information and questions please contact our service center:

Business hours:

Mon-Thu: 08:00-16:45 h

Friday : 08:00-15:15 h

The Agip prepaid card can be redeemed nationwide at all Agip / Eni service stations, except:

Agip gas station - Döberner Str. 20, 03149 Forst
Agip gas station - Bayernstrasse 4, 83308 Trostberg
Agip gas station - Bergstrasse 39, 37339 Teistungen
Agip gas station - Am Hünstein 65, 99735 Nohra
Agip gas station - Metzer Str. 114, 66117 Saarbrücken
Agip gas station - Meitinger Straße 24, 86672 Thierhaupten
Agip gas station - Sandershäuser Str. 43, 34123 Kassel
Agip gas station - Oberwinkl 4, 83355 Grabenstätt
Agip gas station - Industriestr. 9, 64653 Lorch

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