The ideal solution for entrepreneurs with a small fleet.

If your fuel consumption is between 200 and 700 liters, Multicard Easy is the right choice for your business. Your cards are accepted at over 400 Eni and Agip service stations throughout Germany.

With Multicard Easy at your side, you can pay all your transactions cashless, whether you are refueling, washing your car, checking or changing the oil level. You receive a monthly invoice, with a detailed breakdown of your transactions. That makes your work easier and your tax advisor's, too.

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Did you know that it is super easy to receive our cards? Register now in the MyMulticard service area and fill out the application.

Another advantage of Multicard Easy registration is that you can sign the contract online, ordering your card with random PIN immediately. These will then be sent by post to the desired address. You can also activate the online services and select your digital PIN instead of the random PIN. You can change this as often as you like.

The following documents are required to apply for Multicard Easy:

  • Business registration, excerpt from the commercial register or proof of freelance activity
  • Document proving the tax number
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For businesses with small fleets

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Secure card use


Multicard Easy is the new means of payment for all businesses with a monthly fuel consumption of between 200 and 700 liters. Freelancers, craftsmen, traders, taxi drivers, sales representatives, companies with small fleetsesentatives, companies with small fleets.

For cashless payments of refueling, lubricants, car wash and other car-related services at Eni and Agip service stations as well as at all service stations in the Routex network in Germany.

You receive a monthly invoice from Eni Germany with a payment term of 15 days. The invoice contains a detailed list of your transactions, as well as an overview separated by products, with the corresponding turnover tax. All invoices are available in PDF format in the MyMulticard service area. This allows you to download the documents free of charge and to forward them to your tax advisor.

Multicard Easy meets all the criteria of technological security standards. Transactions are confirmed by PIN and verified in real time by the European authorization center. If you wish, you will receive a notification by SMS or e-mail as soon as, for example, the amount limit defined by you has been exceeded. On request, the cards can also be selected with digital PIN. All cards are equipped with microchip, hologram and magnetic stripe.

If you are already registered in the MyMulticard service area, all functions are available 24/7. You lost your card? Your card has been stolen? Then you can block the card yourself in real time.

For general information, contact the Cardservice team by phone or send an e-mail or


Fax 089-5907-312

Business hours:

Mon-Thu: 08:00-16:45h

Friday : 08:00-15:15 h


Need help?

Check out our FAQs
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Or else call our
Multicard Service Center.
Card blocking

Block card

To block your Multicards in real time you can access the MyMulticard reserved area by entering your credentials.

If you use the Multicard through the Eni Live App you can block it directly from the App.
Yon can use the App even if you have a physical Multicard, after activating the Digital Services in the MyMulticard area, for each card and each user.

MyMulticard Login

If you are not registered yet or do not have access credentials, you can call the freephone number,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


You will then be asked to send a confirmation email to:

Multicard Service Centre

For general information and to request your Multicard, Multicard Easy and Truckpass24 (Mon/Fri 8-18).
Phone: 089-5907-470
To request a card
directly on-line
The maximum cost of the call from land line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
The maximum cost of the call from mobile line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
For information about Electronic Fuel Vouchers please call 089-5907-470
(Mon/Thu 08:00 - 16:45)
Electronic Fuel Vouchers
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