Eni fuel cards: the right Multicard at your side

Multicard Easy

Do you run a commercial business and fill up between 200 and 700 liters per month?

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Do you run a commercial business and fill up with more than 700 liters per month?

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Login and manage your multicards securely and easily in the MyMulticard service area.


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Digital Invoice

In the MyMulticard service area you can download your invoices free of charge.

Card Management

With online services, you can manage your transactions and keep track of your consumption.

In Germany and Europe:

Your card is accepted at over 18.000 service stations in Europe.


The Cardservice team is at your disposal during our business hours. Further, you can use the MyMulticard service area 24/7.


Numerous online services are available to you in the MyMulticard service area.

Secure payment

Real-time transaction verification, notification of deviating refueling behavior via e-mail or SMS, PIN requirement for each card use.

MyMulticard, your personal service area

If you are already registered, you can use a wide range of online services in the MyMulticard service area, such as card management, warning notifications, card blocking in real time, etc.

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Web platform for secure and efficient control of your cards and transactions.

Active security

Active Security is the service for those who need real time cards monitoring.

Managing and saving

Fleet management in real time in order to stay competitive it is important to optimize the routes, make consumption more efficient and manage the fleet to a point.

My Alert

If you want to be informed real time each time your cards are being used, you can activate "My Alerts".

Invoice file

It's a downloadable excel or txt file that contains th edetilas of all invoiced transactions

Station Finder

Whether you're traveling by car, motorcycle or truck, at Agip and Eni service stations you'll find everything you need to drive safely and comfortably - And much more...

Find service stations

Prepaid Cards

All of our Electronic Prepaid Cards and the new digital Prepaid Cards



Customize your purchases: select the network and the products; request driver code and PIN.


Our cards offer numerous security features that defend you from possible frauds. The cards have microchip, hologram and mandatory PIN.


All the purchases done with the cards are summed up in a single invoice that can be downloaded as pdf. This makes VAT refund easy and can be divided between several cost centres of your company.

You can decide what products can be purchased

Choose wich products can be purchased at the service stations using your cards

Discover how to customize your card.

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Multicard Service Center.
Card blocking

Block card

To block your Multicards in real time you can access the MyMulticard reserved area by entering your credentials.

If you use the Multicard through the Eni Live App you can block it directly from the App.
Yon can use the App even if you have a physical Multicard, after activating the Digital Services in the MyMulticard area, for each card and each user.

MyMulticard Login

If you are not registered yet or do not have access credentials, you can call the freephone number,
24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


You will then be asked to send a confirmation email to:


Multicard Service Centre

For general information and to request your Multicard, Multicard Easy and Truckpass24 (Mon/Fri 8-18).
Phone: 089-5907-470
Email: cardservice@agip.de
To request a card
directly on-line
The maximum cost of the call from land line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
The maximum cost of the call from mobile line is 48cent/minute plus a fixed fee of 15,49 cents per call.
For information about Electronic Fuel Vouchers please call 089-5907-470
(Mon/Thu 08:00 - 16:45)
Electronic Fuel Vouchers
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