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VAT Refund

The renewed eni VAT refund service is all you need for a fast, convenient and hassle free refund of taxes all over Europe. get multicard

Thanks to the multicard partnership with a VAT recovery specialist, Madison spol. s.r.o., and a dedicated service package developed for multicard clients, you can take advantage of a fully integrated service:

  • refund available in all European countries
  • no more paper invoice management
  • improved and efficient cash management in your company
  • faster procedures with fiscal authorities thanks to expert representatives
  • customized refunding according to your specific needs: fast, smart or standard

Refund packages:

eni fast refund

  • the fastest way of refunding
  • financing within one month, by crediting to your Multicard account
  • available in 20 countries

eni smart refund

  • the most cost-effective solution
  • refund on a quarterly basis
  • available in 23 countries

eni standar refund

  • the cheapest solution
  • in harmony with tax authority payouts
  • available with all kinds of invoices and receipts, for 27 countries

eni excise duty refund

  • covers the refundable part of excise duty
  • available in the following countries: Belgium, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain

Tracking System

Benefit from the unique service in the market developed solely for Multicard clients: a free of charge monitoring system in your language and with a personal access code, allows you to check the status anytime of your VAT items to be refunded, or waiting for to be filed. In addition, several reports can be downloaded -filtered by country or by period- about your invoices, and payouts in eni VAT refund service.

Flat fee for all

  • There is no need to keep different country fees in mind from now on. Our provider applies standard fees for all countries per service type.
  • Pay only for successfully refunded VAT, no result no fee.
  • Automatically calculated discounts based on annual VAT turnover.
Customer service in local language:

For all your VAT refund-related questions call directly the dedicated customer services in your native language during business hours.