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Access to the reserved area and discover the extensive range of online services: check your transactions, block a card, extract or make your own reports.

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Multicard online is the tailored e-business solution for your company.
Available services are divided in 5 handy business solutions, which can be combined to fit exactly your needs. Check the business solutions below and select those that will make you save time and money in your daily business.

Your activity requires an exhaustive monitoring of the fleet, 24/7?

You want to be immediately aware of what has been purchased with each card, where and when? The Control option provides you with this specific insight. Only some few seconds after a purchase took place at a petrol station, you access online to all relevant data: product, unit price, place of purchase, and much more...

Do you need a safe and fast solution in case you card is lost or stolen?

Choose the Security option and get a stress-free protection in the case your multicard is lost or stolen. With some few clicks, you can easily block the missing card 24/7, and prevent any unexpected use. If required, a duplicate of the card can be expressly delivered to you.

Vehicles of your corporate fleet are often renewed, making the management of cards and users a complex task?

Choosing the Card management option enables you to keep your card portfolio under control and manage any change from your desktop. Before any card expires, a warning message allows you to check data of the vehicle, confirm or amend the renewal process.

A new vehicle has just been delivered to your company? With some few clicks only you can create the new multicard of your collaborator and have it delivered directly to your office. Even forgotten PIN won’t be a mess anymore: just request a duplicate online and it will be delivered to you in a confidential envelope.
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Would you like to detect refuelling anomalies immediately?

Choose the Alert option, define the parameters, and you will be advised each time a purchase done with multicard does not respect them. Messages will be triggered to your mailbox by the onset of predefined criteria, allowing immediate action on your side.

A wide range of parameters is available: refuelling on a weekend, outside of the working hours, more than a defined quantity or amount, etc..
Control option is for sure the perfect complement to such service: together, they bring you the combination of an immediate warning, plus all the necessary data to maintain your fleet under strict control. Relax, multicard online will keep an eye open on your fleet, 24/7.
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You need an in-depth reporting tool to optimise your fleet management and reduce operation costs?

Selecting the Reporting option you have access to a variety of reports that give a detailed overview of your fleet performance. Numerous options are available to search for transactions or to create personalized summary reports.

You can filter your invoiced or non-invoiced transactions by month, day or even a certain hour when the transaction took place, as well as by what products have been purchased and where.
Do you want to see how your fleet performed during a certain period? Nothing as simple as that – with only a few clicks you can create performance reports to see the running costs of the vehicles grouped by card or driver, or choose to see the cost per vehicle or card subtotalled by product for a specified period using the cost summary report.

To facilitate the analysis these data in your company, you can download all the reports and queries in different formats and store them on your computer for further processing.

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