On the road


The rolling highway (ROLA) optimizes transportation

Travelling throughout Europe with trucks on rails - that is ROLA. ROLA stands for “Rolling Highway". This concept unites road and rail transport.

With this special transport system, entire trucks or trailer trucks can cover certain parts of their route environmentally-friendly by train. ROLA is the ideal solution for individual and customized rail-based integrated transport and logistics services. It relies a dense railway network with optimum integration of pre- and post-transport services.

At the terminals, the trucks are loaded onto special low-loading wagons and then transported by rail. During the ride, the truck drivers can relax in a "recreation wagon" staffed with service personnel. 

The rolling highway concept offers numerous advantages:

  1. Reduction of fuel consumption and transport mileage
  2. Reduction of highway tolls and road taxes.
  3. Circumvention of night driving bans
  4. Observance of the rest times for drivers without transport interruption
  5. Prevention of time losses due to traffic jams
  6. Environmentally friendly.
  7. Positive public image


Multicard is all you need to transport goods via the Rolling Highway provided by Austria DB Schenker from the Austrian border to a great number of destinations around Europe, finding all the expenses listed as usual in your Multicard invoice

DB SCHENKERrailog helps you defining the best routes, optimally combining rail and road transport and organizing intermediate storage near the production site and just-in-time delivery if required.


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