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Multicard is all you need to feel secure on the road. Multicard system has been developed with leading technology and first class partners to offer secure payment and invoicing. To protect your business from frauds, we constantly monitor the legislation, invest in modern equipments, and actively participate in FICFIB (Fuel Industry Card Fraud Intelligence Bureau) to develop compliant solutions.

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Multicard features

Multicard includes many security elements that protect you against frauds:

  • The microchip makes payments safe from manipulation.
  • PIN code is compulsory for purchases at petrol stations, and protects you in case the card is lost or stolen.
  • Immediate card blocking in case your card is lost or stolen, via your Multicard Service Centre
  • Petrol station terminals are real-time connected to a unique European authorization centre.

  • The hologram in the bottom right corner of the card makes copying harder.
  • The scope of validity can be customised: national or international
  • On request, the odometer reading of your vehicle will be registered every time you fill up.
  • A service Code is assigned to every Multicard, defining products that can be purchased.
  • The expiry date indicates till when your card is valid