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Multicard is all you need for an easy and convenient management of your invoicing. Depending on your invoicing period (monthly or bi-monthly), you will receive one payment advice, fiscal invoice and a detailed statement of your purchases.

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Invoice and transaction details

The payment advice lists all invoices, debit and credit notes issued during the period. It also states the final amount to be paid, in your local currency.

The invoice compiles all the purchases made in one specific country, by product and/or service. You will receive one Multicard invoice for each country where a purchase has been done with Multicard.

The original invoice is compiled in the language and currency of the purchasing country, suitable for VAT refunds.
Amounts are split by product, service and VAT rates to make accounting processes easier.

The detailed statement contains details of each transaction (day, time, place, product, quantity, etc..). Split of the transactions is done by card and/or driver, and includes sub-totals.

Odometer reading

Choose the odometer reporting and drivers will automatically be requested kilometres of their vehicles each time they refuel. This information will then be reported in the detailed statement. You will be able to monitor your expenses by card/driver and to calculate the cost per km of your vehicles.

Division split

If there are several divisions within your company using Multicard (Sales, Maintenance, Transport, etc..) you can opt to split your detailed statement following the same logic. All your transactions will therefore be classified according to the division which generated the expenses.

Electronic statement

After each invoicing process, you can choose to receive the list of all invoiced transactions by e-mail. The file will include transaction date and time, vehicle registration or driver code, mileage, purchased volume, unit price in the currency of the pick-up country, rebates, VAT amounts and much more… The statement is provided in Excel format (.xls) to facilitate data filtering and extractions. This information can also be integrated in your central ERP system if necessary.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre to get more information on these services.