You will find below answers to some of most frequently asked questions by new customers.




  • How can I become a Multicard customer?

    Any business organization requiring fleet fuel cards can apply for a Multicard. A minimum consumption of 500 litres/month is usally requested.
  • How do I apply for a Multicard?

    You can apply for Multicard downloading the on-line application form. Apply for Multicard now!
  • How many cards can I have?

    Usually one single Multicard is provided for each vehicle. Please note that a small fee may apply, depending on the number of cards to be issued. More details on this topic are available in our Multicard fees section.
  • Is a Multicard linked to a driver or a vehicle?

    The choice is yours. Your Multicard can be linked to a driver, a vehicle, or a combination of both.
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