Multicard easy

Multicard easy

Travelling has never been so easy

If you have a VAT number and use a car or van for work, everything is easier with easy!
Multicard easy is the new specialised credit card for your travel needs. You can use it to pay in all eni and agip service stations in Italy, in every province, over half of which in operation 24 hours a day.
It’s easy to use every time you want, without paying commission, and always without cash. You can fill up, wash your vehicle, change the oil, check something. Without fuel cards, without stamps, just a single invoice every month that shows the individual purchases in detail, and groups them by product type, with the taxable sum and VAT clearly highlighted.
Making easier not just your work, but also that of your accountant.

Who it is for

Multicard easy is the new specialised credit card issued by eni adfin and designed for VAT registered traders and enterprises who have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least one year, and in particular:

  • tradesmen
  • merchants
  • self-employed people
  • taxi drivers
  • sales representatives
  • businesses with small fleets of cars and vans (just one vehicle is enough)

What you can do with multicard easy

Buy fuel, lubricants, washes and services in  any eni/agip service station in Italy, in every province, without cash. there’s certainly one near you

Ease of payment

  • You’ll pay just once a month, 20 days after the date on the debit notification you’ll be sent by eni adfin.
  • You will also receive a monthly invoice, issued by eni, containing both the detail of every transaction and a summary of your purchases, grouped by category, indicating the taxable amount and the VAT.
  • All these documents are available in electronic format. You can receive them by e-mail or download them from the internet ready to print out for your accountant, free of charge.

Secure purchases

  • All transactions are checked in real time by our European authorisation centre.
  • To be completed successfully they require the obligatory entry of a secret code number (PIN) by the cardholder.

Savings and convenience

Joining multicard easy costs very little, and offers an additional incentive: an extra discount on “serve yourself” refuelling.


Continuous assistance

  • The service centre is the single assistance point for multicard easy cardholders.
  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to block cards that have been lost or stolen, and to answer any queries you may have on their use.
  • You can also contact the service centre for information on all the eni fuel cards, and to find out more about this one.
  • The multicard service centre may be contacted from anywhere in Italy on the number:
  • You can also contact the multicard service centre at the following e-mail address:
  • And at this fax number: 06 5988 7385