Road Tolls, Tunnels and Bridges in France

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Road tolls, tunnels and bridges



Fréjus and Mont Blanc Tunnels

The Fréjus and Mont Blanc Tunnels connect France and Italy.

The Tunnel of Fréjus is 12.8 km long. On the French side the A43 (Maurienne Motorway) from Lyon leads to the tunnel, on the Italian side it is the A32 motorway from Turin.

The Mont Blanc Tunnel is 11.6 km long. On the French side the A40 motorway leads to the tunnel, on the Italian side it is the A5 motorway.

Tariff amount depends on the vehicle height, the number of axles and the EURO emission class.

Multicard owners can purchase single or return tickets (return only valid for 7 days/15 days for HGV).

Please visit and to get updated information on tariffs, weather conditions and transport restrictions.


Pont de Normandie

The Pont de Normandie, near Honfleur, is part of the estuary road A29, which follows the French West Coast and connects Antwerp or even London to the South of France, without passing Paris. The bridge gives easy access to the area around the port Le Havre. 

Pont de Tancarville

The Pont de Tancarville between Rouen and Le Havre is the longest suspension bridge in France. It spans the river Seine and lies on the road E5, connecting the Port Le Havre with Rouen and Paris.

Both bridges have the same toll operator and Multicard is accepted as direct means of payment. Please visit for updated tariffs.

Viaduc de Millau

Culminating at 343 metres above the Tarn valley, the viaduct makes the final missing link on the A75. This motorway – the Méridienne – links Clermont-Ferrand to Béziers in 340 km. Thanks to the viaduct, the A10-A71-A75 route represents the shortest, fastest and cheapest way between Paris and Perpignan, saving 1h17 versus the traditional Lyon route!

There is one single toll station, located north of the viaduct, where Multicard is accepted for payment.

Please visit for additional information on tariffs