Ticketing for tolls in Slovakia

Now you can use your Multicard for paying the tolls for the use of a transit road section in Slovakia, the so-called transit ticketing. Ticketing works on the principle of issuing a time-limited ticket at a selected transit border crossing and applies to the transit through the 18 specified transit road sections. The list of transit road sections is published on the web portal www.emyto.sk in the section “Downloads”.

The advantage of ticketing is that the Multicard holder using one of the 18 transit road sections:

  • does not need to have the on-board unit installed in the vehicle;
  • does not pay the cash collateral for the OBU in the amount of 50 €;
  • does not pay the prepaid tolls in the amount of 50 €.


After filling in a simple registration form, you select one of the transit road sections and purchase a corresponding ticket that is linked to the vehicle registration number. The ticket, which can be purchased at selected transit border crossing, is valid for 18 hours from the issuance of the confirmation of payment and is meant for a single use of the transit road section in the Slovak Republic and only in one direction. The amount of payment for the ticket is calculated on the basis of the corresponding transit route, the vehicle category, the number of axles and the emission class.