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  • Acceptance of CARDS ROUTEX (including multicard) on AGIP/ENI branded sites in CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA will end on July 31st, 2015. Find alternative stations here.

    Hereby we inform our customers that, acceptance of ALL ROUTEX CARDS ( including every kind of multicard) on AGIP/ENI branded sites in in CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA will end on July 31st, 2015.

    After this date, acceptance of mentioned cards either electronic or manual way will not be accepted!

    Multicard customers traveling in CZECH REPUBLIC and SLOVAKIA may continue to use their cards at the 291 sites belonging to OMV.

  • The traffic in the Mont Blanc tunnel will be completely interrupted during the following nights to allow maintenance works to be carried out and the safety exercise to take place

    • on Thursday 20th November 2014, from 11.45 p.m. to 4.15 a.m.
    • on Monday 24th November 2014, from 10.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.
    • Lon Monday 1st December 2014, from 9.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.

    Furthermore, in order to carry out the maintenance works in the tunnel, the alternate one-way traffic will be adopted as follows:


  • From SEPTEMBER 26th 2014 MULTICARD ROUTEX cards will no longer be accepted for the settlement of tolls on the ENTIRE FRENCH motorway network.

    ROUTEX International network alliance Participants decided for security reasons to stop the possibility to settle via the ROUTEX cards the tolls on the entire French motorway network.

    For this reason starting from September 26th none of the multicard cards will be accepted directly on the entire motorway network in France.

    You can find our alternative, improved solution to pay tolls in France and also in Spain and Portugal, in “On the Road“ section either for Trucks or for Fleets.

  • Acceptance Routex cards in Bosnia ends Feb. 16th

    OMV has sold its marketing subsidiary in Bosnia-Herzegovina, including the OMV filling station network. As a consequence of this sale the usage of Routex cards in Bosnia-Herzegovina will no longer be possible. The acceptance will be cancelled starting with February 16th. We kindly ask you to take this change into consideration when travelling to the country.

  • From 31st December 2012 onwards, all commercial cards will no longer be accepted

    From 31st December 2012 onwards,  all commercial cards will no longer be accepted for the settlement of tolls for vehicles above MLW of 3.5 tonnes on the Spanish Abertis motorway network:

    - AP-7 La Jonquera – Alicante
    - AP-2 Zaragoza - Mediterráneo
    - C-33 Montmeló - Barcelona
    - C-32 Montgat- Blanes
    - C-32 Castelldefels– Vendrell
    - AP-68 Bilbao – Logroño - Zaragoza
    - AP-4 Sevilla - Cádiz
    - AP-6 Villalba - Adanero
    - AP-51 (Villacastín – Ávila) y AP-61 (San Rafael – Segovia)
    - AP-71 León Astorga

  • Toll2Go - New Road Toll Service for HGVs

    Starting from 01.09.2011 a new service – TOLL2GO - is available to customers of TollCollect and ASFINAG. Only one single OBU – the German TollCollect OBU – will be required to pay both German and Austrian road tolls. This service is especially useful if your trucks travel frequently in Austria and in Germany.

  • New software for toll terminals in Germany

    The new program makes log-on and toll payments safer, faster and more reliable for toll system users. The list of country codes has been extended to include the full name of each country. This helps avoid mistakes when entering the country code. The display now shows a list of the fuel cards and other payment methods accepted at toll station terminals. Vehicle data stored on Toll Collect vehicle cards is automatically input as part of the log-on process.

  • Premid Box replaces the Vignette in the Czech Republic

    starting from 01 January 2010, the vignette in the Czech Republic has been replaced by the Premid Box. This new regulation applies to all vehicles with the maximum permissible weight from 3,5 tons to 12 tons. The tolls will be charged on a route-related basis. The annual vignettes already purchased will still be valid until 31 January 2010.

  • Ticketing for tolls in Slovakia

    Now you can use your Multicard for paying the tolls for the use of a transit road section in Slovakia, the so-called transit ticketing. Ticketing works on the principle of issuing a time-limited ticket at a selected transit border crossing and applies to the transit through the 18 specified transit road sections. The list of transit road sections is published on the web portal in the section “Downloads”.

    The advantage of ticketing is that the Multicard holder using one of the 18 transit road sections:

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