New software for toll terminals in Germany

The new program makes log-on and toll payments safer, faster and more reliable for toll system users. The list of country codes has been extended to include the full name of each country. This helps avoid mistakes when entering the country code. The display now shows a list of the fuel cards and other payment methods accepted at toll station terminals. Vehicle data stored on Toll Collect vehicle cards is automatically input as part of the log-on process.

Toll station terminals can be used for toll route log-on by vehicle operators who are not registered for automatic log-on via On-Board Unit. These terminals are marked with the "Toll Collect" insignia and can be found at service areas and filling stations near motorway slip roads in Germany and neighbouring countries. Toll route log-on is possible in the following languages: English, French, German and Polish. The locations of toll station terminals are listed on the Toll Collect website.