My multicard - fleet

My Multicard - fleet

On the road

Multicard is all you need for your trip

Plan your route

Find service stations

Using Eni site locator, you can find the nearest service station, plan your route, and also download GPS coordinates for your navigation system.

You can also download the full list of service stations for your contry.

download pdfDownload country station list 

On Road Services

Choose a country to display where your Multicard is accepted for payments of road tolls, tunnels, bridges and parkings.

Remember that you can pay Diesel, lubricants, fluids and all the products and services available at the service station depending on the service code on your card

Check out what purchases can be made using your Multicard


Save time and reduce costs with Multicard


Access to the reserved area and discover the extensive range of online services: check your transactions, block a card, create customized reports.


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If you want to see again all the features offered by Multicard you can take the Multicard Fleet Feature Tour.