Multicard is all you need to manage expenses and services for your trip

  • Control the expenses and pay in a secure way
  • Manage your invoicing as you need
  • Accepted at more than 18.000 petrol stations
  • Pay road tolls, road taxes and use e-tolling systems (OBU)
  • Take advantage of fleet management services: e-business, etc..

Everything in 29 european countries!

Choose the fuel card that fits your needs:


The fuel card for:
  • transport professionals
  • HGV fleet managers


The fuel card for:
  • Independent professionals
  • Corporate Fleet managers


Following the sale of Romanian eni network the acceptance of ALL CARDS ROUTEX (including every kind of multicard) on AGIP/ENI branded sites in ROMANIA ENDS ON JAN. 30st, 2015.

After this date, acceptance of mentioned cards either electronic or manual way will not be possible! Multicard customers traveling in Romania may continue to use their cards at the 157 sites belonging to OMV.

Those stations can be found at www.routex.com

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